Our sound system for background music and speeches is now installed in the farm.  This is used for background music only and speeches.  The DJ would setup just to the left of the front doors in the corner.  Specifically 6 feet from all walls for sound control. 

We are the DJ service recommended at all Pearle Hospitality Properties. 

In our inclusive package, we will provide background music for dinner and cocktails indoors.  Music is not permitted outside for cocktails unless it is a non-amplified musician.
​We also provide music, sound and a microphone for the ceremony.  No amplified music or musician is permitted outdoors except for our company.

Your MC should leave cocktails to meet with the maitre'd and DJ to go over house keeping rules, who is doing the introductions and what dances are in what order.

The sound restrictions at the Farm are monitored hourly by our DJ or AV tech to meet certain parameters.  This is so that The Farm can continue to be a courteous neighbour.  We take this very seriously. 

Below are some options for uplighting, club lighting and name in lights.  These services can be added on with Copeland DJ.

Uplighting Photos - coming soon

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  • IMG_20160526_215544 (1).jpg
  • IMG_20160526_195552.jpg
  • IMG_20160526_215226 (1).jpg
  • IMG_20160526_215544.jpg
  • IMG_20160526_215226.jpg
  • IMG_20160526_215214.jpg
  • IMG_20160526_215404.jpg

Name in lights - coming soon

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  • IMG_8227.JPG
  • IMG_20160526_215619.jpg
  • IMG_8225.JPG
  • IMG_8226.JPG
  • IMG_8236.JPG
  • IMG_8232.JPG
  • IMG_8234.JPG

Club lighting video - coming soon