The DJ is setup right outside the door to the Waterfront Room in the Terrace.   For cocktails, we will be providing music for cocktails and dinner.  You will be using our sound system for speeches and toasts.

In the Terrace, your DJ will already be setup and playing before your guests come in for cocktails. 

It is not impossible, but we do recommend doing the first in the Terrace and not on the carpet in the Waterfront room.  If you would like to do your first dance on introduction, perhaps coming in at the end of cocktails just before we ask guests to make thier way into the dining room would be good.  If not, you can always do this after dinner.  Its a great way to get the party moved from one room to another.

During the Dancing portion of the evening, we will turn off the audio to the Waterfront dining room.  If you have guests that would like to get away from the music, it is perfect for this!

Your MC should meet the DJ and the maitre'd during cocktails.  Going over details like who is doing the introductions, when is the first dance and housekeeping is highly recommended.  

The DJ will turn down background music during dinner so that you may do speeches and toasts.  The room is a little unique in that the DJ is in one room and the MC in another.  Simply opening the door or asking the DJ to turn down the music prior to each speech or toast is requested.  If the DJ has to leave the room for any reason, he will let you know.  

Below are some photos and video of lighting in the Governor's Room.  These effects can be added at an additional cost.  

Uplighting Photos

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  • IMG_1012.JPG
  • IMG_1007.JPG
  • IMG_1003.JPG
  • IMG_1009.JPG
  • IMG_1013.JPG
  • IMG_1000.JPG
  • IMG_1007.JPG
  • IMG_1012.JPG
  • IMG_1018.JPG
  • IMG_1017.JPG

Name in Lights - coming soon

Intelligent Lighting Moving Heads