Sound is installed in the room over the dancefloor.  The DJ will be setup to the right of the dancefloor when looking at long stone wall.  The Cambridge Mill will supply house music in the Terrace during cocktails.  

In the Gallery, your DJ will arrive while your guests are enjoying cocktails.  He will perform a sound check upstairs prior to guests coming downstairs and begin playing background music for dinner as soon as guests arrive.  

If the headtable is on the dancefloor in a U shape or square, it may be difficult to do a first dance on introduction.  If the head table is in a straight line, there is no problem doing a first dance on introduction.  

Your MC should leave cocktails and come upstairs to meet the DJ and the maitre'd.  Going over details like who is doing the introductions, when is the first dance and housekeeping is highly recommended.  The podium is normally right in front of the DJ on the left opposite from where the bar is.  If you request the podium close to the bar, please request a wireless microphone from the Cambridge MIll.

You will be using the DJ sound system for speeches.  The DJ will turn down background music during dinner so that you may do speeches and toasts.  After dinner, the staff at Cambridge Mill will move the head table towards the wall to be used for the late night table later on.  This will also free up the dancefloor for the party portion of the night.  This is a great time to do a cake cutting if you have one.  

The Gallery is one fo the rooms we have installed lighting from one end of the room to the other.  It is available for 150.00 for the entire evening.

Below are some photos and video of lighting in the Gallery.  These effects can be added at an additional cost.  

Uplighting Photos

  • cmgallery.jpg
  • 20111128_134505.jpg
  • 20111128_134429.jpg
  • 20111128_134500.jpg
  • 20111128_134450.jpg
  • 20111128_134445.jpg

Name in Lights - coming soon

Intelligent Lighting Moving Heads