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The Ancaster Mill is a romantic location next to a waterfall, the natural serene and scenic ambience paves the way for a perfect wedding.

The four rooms we perform in are the following...

Falls Room 205 Guests

Governor's Room 135 Guests

1812 Room 70 Guests

Millview Room 110 Guests

We have sound installed in all the rooms of the Ancaster Mill for exclusive use by Copeland DJ only.

Our Service can booked directly with Ancaster Mill at a special inclusive price that can be added to your account.  You can add us here.

Ancaster Mill has some unique planning features that you can access in our online planning form.  This form has been designed in partnership with Ancaster Mill and our Event Planning Team.

We do not offer ceremony services at Ancaster MIll.  Please contact your sales representative for more details.​

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