1812 ROOM


Our sound system is installed in the room directly over the dance floor.  The DJ setups up opposite from the 1812 deck.  We setup just inside door at the bottom of the stairs.  We setup just at the side of the dancefloor.  You will be using our sound for cocktails and dinner music.  The music on the patio will be from the venue and set a specific volume.  You will use our corded microphone for speeches.

In the 1812 Room, your DJ will arrive prior to the cocktail hour beginning if you have chosen it to be in the room or on the deck.  He will perform his sound check prior to starting to play background music.

Your MC should leave cocktails to come and meet the DJ with your maitre'd to confirm details prior to dinner like, the order of dances, who is doing the introductions and go over some house rules. 

Below are some options for lighting if you are interested in adding some accent or party lights to the room.  The video is our moving head towers and the photos are uplighting.  There is an additonal fee for lighting that is paid to our service.

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  • G0160483.JPG
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  • G0140463.JPG
  • G0130460.JPG
  • G0080370.JPG
  • G0050339.JPG
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